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The Ravenscroft Fire Damper for plasterboard walls (also known as BSD-PW) combines a balancing damper and fire damper enabling a fast installation of the damper without any special framing. As a result the Ravenscroft fire damper is considerably quicker to install than other dampers in the market.

Why Choose a Ravenscroft Fire Damper?

The Ravenscroft fire damper has many advantages to the traditional fire dampers:

  • Fast installation
  • Specifically designed for installation in plasterboard walls
  • Fire rated up to 2 hours 
  • No balancing damper or duct access hatch required
  • Supplied as a kitset
  • Custom lengths on request
  • Also available as concrete/masonry version
  • Motorised Smoke Damper version
  • Stainless steel version

This fire damper model comes with insulation to protect the plasterboard wall from a fire. This insulation is encapsulated in steel and therefore is protected from damage. All Ravenscroft Fire Dampers can be adjusted to the wall thickness.

The fire damper is supplied as a kitset with all necessary fasteners and instructions. The kitset assembly minimises installation error to maximise safety.

Fire dampers are rated up to 2 hours. Fuse release is external therefore damper is easily activated and reset during building maintenance checks. A duct inspection hatch is not required to check either the damper operation or the fuse. 

Ravenscroft Fire Damper can be converted to a Smoke Damper when factory fitted with a specially designed Belimo spring-return actuator. An optional thermal tripping device allows it to be used as a combination Fire/Smoke Damper.

Download the brochure on Ravenscroft Fire Damper for Plasterboard Walls


Tested to AS1530.4-1990. FRR 120 minutes in plasterboard walls. BRANZ Test Report FP 2376. For masonry walls the standard Ravenscroft fire damper, BSD-C, without the insulated sleeve is available satisfying AS1530.4-1990 for at least 120 minutes under BRANZ Opinion 97/1026. The Ravenscroft plasterboard fire damper, BSD-PW, meets the requirements of AS1682-1991 Parts 1 & 2. (Means of Code Compliance: Verification by Laboratory Test)

Release alternatives

Alternative means of release are available on application. These include e.g. specially designed Belimo spring-return actuators and heat release sensors.


Model size D Hole B C F
125 124 165 95 245 225
150 149 190 95 245 250
174 219 95 245 275
200 199 240 95 245 300
250 249 290 95 245 350
300 299 340 155 245 410
400 399 440 155 245 650


This Ravenscroft Fire Damper is specifically developed for plasterboard walls with extensions and flanges made of galvanised steel. On application, a stainless steel version is also available.

The unit is secured in a wall by flanges fastened directly to the plasterboard only. The 400 mm diameter units have flanges sized to overlap standard spaced studs with fastening to the studs and plasterboard.

One flange is fixed to the damper and the other supplied loose to accommodate variations in wall thickness. The standard maximum thickness for penetrations through plasterboard cavity walls is 180 mm. Other lengths can be manufactured to order.

All screws and rivets are provided as part of the kitset and must be used. Approved fire rated mastic required to seal the flanges to the wall and duct tape for flexible connectors are not included in the kitset.

The wall cavity must be protected from heat during a fire. Therefore, the plasterboard fire damper incorporates a fire rated ceramic insulation blanket encapsulated in galvanised steel. This ensures the insulation properties are consistent and protected before, during and long after installation.

The insulation value is therefore independent of the installers skill level ensuring maximum safety.

Each fire damper is delivered with full installation instructions.

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