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Ravenscroft specialises in providing innovative and energy efficient engineering solutions for the heating and ventilating sector. Our customised engineering solutions yield high quality indoor air while reducing HVAC operating costs.

ravenscroft halton fire damper fdrThe Halton FDR is a fire damper for rectangular or large circular ducts. It’s designed to prevent fire and smoke from spreading in ventilation ducts in case of a fire.

Why Choose Halton FDR?

  • Suitable for concrete/masonry walls and floors as well as plasterboard walls
  • External indication of damper position
  • Easy and fast to test from outside
  • Fuse easy to check and replace from the outside
  • No need for an inspection or access hatch
  • Manual operation or optional Belimo actuator
  • Can be used as a Smoke or combined Fire/Smoke damper when fitted with Belimo actuator

fire exhaust valve halton ravenscroft fdvThe Halton FDV is a circular fire valve, which combines a exhaust valve and fire damper for circular ducts. FDV prevents fire and smoke from spreading in ventilation ducts.