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Ravenscroft specialises in providing innovative and energy efficient engineering solutions for the heating and ventilating sector. Our customised engineering solutions yield high quality indoor air while reducing HVAC operating costs.  

floor-diffuser_halton_ravenscroft_trc The Halton TRC auditorium diffuser is designed for installation within the step riser in auditoriums, theatres, concert halls, where good indoor climate conditions are required.

Supply air velocity should be very low to avoid draught in the near zone of the diffuser. The recommended supply air temperature is less than 3°C below the ambient temperature. The supply airflow rate is up to 18 l/s pr unit.

Where requirements for comfort are perceived to be less important, higher airflow rates can be used, resulting in increased velocities close to the diffusers. In such cases diffusers should be installed further away from continuously occupied areas.