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Heavy-duty cooking appliances, such as charcoal ovens and charbroilers have always been difficult to contend with. They are characterised by high heat loads leading to high temperatures inside the exhaust ductwork.

They also generate a large quantity of FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) in addition to carbon-based particles, especially in the case of open flame and solid fuel cooking. Charcoal ovens have the added problem of smoke every time the oven door is opened

Increased safety

The Cold Mist technology increases the safety level to the same standard as conventional cooking appliances. 

The Cold Mist acts as a spark block and cools the incoming exhaust air. If sparks enter the hood the Cold Mist takes the heat away through adiabatic and evaporative cooling, thereby greatly reducing the risk of fire generating in the ductwork. The temperature is at the same time reduced to an acceptable level. The risk of fire is reduced to a minimum and "burning on" of the cooking grease is negated.

halton cold mist on demand 03The Cold Mist technology provides a highly efficient filtration process. It does this by creating a curtain of cold water Mist inside the exhaust plenum of the hood, through which the smoke and pollutants (generated by the cooking appliances) are forced to pass through. Airborne particles (and therefore some odours) are then captured and directed towards the drain. This is a known, proven and highly efficient method of removing FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) from the air stream.

Halton CMW-FMOD Cold Mist on Demand HoodCMW-FMOD Cold Mist on Demand Hood