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Goodman-Fielder are without doubt one of the leading food service providers in NZ. They manufacture and distribute a wide range of essential foodstuffs such as Champion flour and Edmonds baking powder. Their products are used in both domestic and commercial cooking.

In 2010 they decided to include a full scale commercial test kitchen on level 4 of their downtown Auckland head office. The function of this kitchen is to test their products for their customers and to demonstrate the use of their products.

Putting a large kitchen into the middle of an existing multi-storey building presented a number of challenges, especially in relation to the ventilation systems. There was very limited room to run exhaust ducts up to roof level, and also the cost to do so would have been significant.

kitchen ventilation halton ravenscroft

The floor-to-floor height was only 2.7m and when combined with large and tall baking ovens meant there was very little room for the extract hoods and their duct connections.

Ravenscroft offered Halton model UVF kitchen extract hoods that incorporate make-up air diffusers and the Halton Capture Ray system. In addition low profile versions were used that are just 400mm high at their front face.

 As with all Halton hoods, the UVF model incorporates the patented Capture Jet system. When combined with the Halton VDI (German standards Institute) method of calculating exhaust airflow, this results in an exhaust airflow of between 50-65% of that required by a conventional exhaust hood. Hence both the exhaust AND make-up air ducts and fans were considerably smaller in size. Without this, it would have been almost impossible to fit the system into the building.

kitchen ventilation halton ravenscroft

Using UVF hoods with built-in supply air diffusers minimised the amount of supply air ducting required, and also meant that the limited amount of ceiling space did not have to have supply air diffusers.

Halton UVF hoods include a set of UV lamps inside the exhaust plenum of each hood, along with a sophisticated control system. When combined with the Halton KSA filters they ensure that the exhaust air is almost totally grease free. This means that the exhaust could be discharged at low level, totally bypassing the need to run ducts up to roof level.

The kitchen is operating now very successfully and is a testimony to the many people involved in overcoming some severe challenges to make it happen.

kitchen ventilation halton ravenscroft