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Ravenscroft specialises in providing innovative and energy efficient engineering solutions for the heating and ventilating sector. Our customised engineering solutions yield high quality indoor air while reducing HVAC operating costs.

chilled-beams_halton_ravenscroft_21queenst2Ravenscroft supplies a wide range of Halton chilled beams for use in commercial buildings. Halton's broad range of chilled beam products offers solutions from active and passive chilled beams to service beams. Halton chilled beams are designed to provide advanced comfort, flexibility and competitive life cycle costs.

Active Chilled Beams

Active chilled beams suit a variety of applications from offices and meeting rooms to hotel rooms and hospital wards. Halton's chilled beam range offers good indoor climate conditions and advanced flexibility. The system adapts cost-efficiently to changing requirements. Indoor climate conditions are easily optimised when spaces are changed according to individual needs or from open-plan to cellular offices or meeting rooms.

Passive Chilled Beamspassive chilled beams halton ravenscroft 01

Passive chilled beams are often used with underfloor supply or with displacement ventilation to provide additional cooling and fresh air requirement. Or passive beams can be positioned near a glazed facade or windows to offset solar loads in the perimeter zone. Positioning of the passive beams is flexible, and the units can be placed within a suspended ceiling, above a grid ceiling or fully exposed. This makes the units very suitable for renovation sites. Typical applications are office rooms, meeting areas and retail stores.

Multi Service Chille Beams

Traditional chilled beam installations include ventilation, cooling and heating next to the equipment for other ceiling based services. The customised service beam concept proposes an all-in-one solution for all ceiling-mounted accessories. The multiservice chilled beam (MSCB) concept is suitable for both suspended ceiling and exposed installations. The product's appearance can be tailored to suit the interior

halton ravenscroft chilled beam cbx 01Halton CBX is a comfort units which operates like active beams with the exception of  4-way directional air distribution instead of two. It is a compact unit for cooling, heating and supply air for flush installation within a suspended ceiling.

Halton CBX confort unit is suitable for various applications due to its compact size. When selecting the chilled beam orientation, the location of the supply air and water circuit connections must be taken into account.