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Halton Skyline is the first LED based lighting technology specifically developed for professional kitchens. Skyline simulates daylight, respects the natural colour of food and enhances staff wellbeing.

The link between good lighting, better working conditions and productivity, is now widely recognized. However, what often occurs when a kitchen benefits from excellent lighting levels, the staff is dazzled from reflected light. When dazzling does not occur, the kitchen typically suffers from a lack of illumination that is more harmful for the safety of the staff and hygiene of the kitchen.

Halton Skyline brings life to light!

Halton Skyline is the first LED-based lighting technology specifically developed for professional kitchens. 

• A Culinary Light that remarkably respects the food colour and plasticity from raw ingredients to the plated presentation.
• A Culinary Light that also improves the working conditions while playing an active role in the kitchen safety.
• A Human-Centric light that follows your biorhythm to further improve the working conditions and staff Wellbeing.
• A state of the art lighting technology that, at its core, saves significantly on energy and maintenance.



Halton Skyline contributes to a better mood and productivity

Since the dawn of time, our biological rhythm is driven by the alternating of day and night that controls complex physical, hormonal, mental, behavioural changes and adjusts the sleep and energy cycles. These changes and cycles make up the Circadian rhythm whose importance has recently even gained more attention by the 2017 Nobel prize for medicine. More concretely, Scientists at the Lighting Research Centre (Troy, N.Y.) have reported, as many other studies, that daylight-similar environments improve occupant productivity and comfort. These are some of the benefits of so-called Human Centric Light systems.

Imagine combining a Culinary and Human-Centred light with a highly efficient ventilation solution, all designed by Halton. The best expression of Wellbeing in professional kitchens!

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When night gives way to dawn, our body starts secreting "day hormones". Serotonin is the most prominent of them. There is increasing acceptance that this neurotransmitter plays an important role in maintaining the mood balance, feeling alert and revitalised.

Halton Skyline favours the activation of Serotonin secretion and its benefits. Combined with the psychological effects of daylight-similar lighting conditions, it improves Wellbeing and productivity.

Safety & Comfort

• More light for sensible equipment and operations.
Cutting machines, for instance, are potentially dangerous and yet, they are often located close to walls, where the lighting level typically decreases. All cutting operations should benefit from a higher lighting level by using more broad beam spots.

• More light for specific cooking appliances.
Grills, woks, kettles etc, in general all cooking processes for which completion of cooking is to be watched through colour control, the lighting level should be increased with focus-type spots.

• More light for the plating area.
Precision of the plates presentation, tracking of traces, final quality control through food colour, the plating counter is key and requires also more light, based on more focus-type spots.