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Ravenscroft specialises in providing innovative and energy efficient engineering solutions for the heating and ventilating sector. Our customised engineering solutions yield high quality indoor air while reducing HVAC operating costs.

chilled beams halton ravenscroft batiment2Ravenscroft supplies a wide range of energy efficient Halton chilled beams renowned for their exceptional comfort. Halton's range of products include active and passive chilled beams as well as multiservice beams. Halton chilled beams are designed to provide flexibility, competitive life cycle costs and advanced comfort.

Halton chilled beams supplied by Ravenscroft can be customised to clients wishes, which include providing them in custom colours with minimal extra costs. Halton beams can also be integrated behind architectural features like bulkheads.

Traditional chilled beam installations include ventilation, cooling and heating next to the equipment for other ceiling based services. The customised multiservice chilled beam (MSCB) concept offers a all-in-one solution for all ceiling-mounted services and include air conditioning, lighting, electrical and data communications cabling and speakers. MSCB can also be fitted with energy efficient LED lightning.

This multiservice chilled beam concept is suitable for both suspended ceiling and exposed installations. When refurbishing an older building, the possibility of getting away with the suspended ceiling is often very attractive as this increases the ceiling height. Using MSCB is will enable this.

Sovereign House is an excellent example of exposed installation of multiservice chilled beams.

chilled beams halton ravenscroft 21queenst2

Refurbishing the Auckland office tower, 21 Queen St, with Halton active chilled beams proved to be a excellent choice. It made it possible for the client to raise the ceiling height and add additional office floors to be building.

Eliminating an old supply air riser allowed the client to turn the space into disabled toilet, which otherwise would have built in another area of the building reducing available floor space.

Fitting Halton chilled beams also proved to be even more energy saving decision that was originally estimated.

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