Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Halton FDV Fire/Exhaust Valve

fire exhaust valve halton ravenscroft fdvThe Halton FDV is a circular fire valve, which combines a exhaust valve and fire damper for circular ducts. FDV prevents fire and smoke from spreading in ventilation ducts.

Operation as an exhaust valve – normal mode: The valve throttles the exhaust air flow and attenuates the duct noise. The pressure drop is dependent on the position of the central cone. The desired exhaust rate is set during the balancing of the air flows in a ductwork system.

Operation as a fire damper – emergency mode: The fire damper contains an integral thermal fuse. This fuse responds to a rise in temperature, which causes a spring-return central cone to close.

The thermal fuse is released at 50°C, 72°C, or 100°C.

The Halton FDV is replacing Halton FRH.

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