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Ravenscroft Fire Damper for Concrete Walls or Floors

fire-damper_ravenscroft_bsd-cThe Ravenscroft Fire Damper for concrete/masonry (also known as BSD-C) is similar to the Ravenscroft plasterboard wall fire damper, but without the insulated sleeve.

The Ravenscroft fire damper has many advantages to the traditional fire dampers:

  • Fast installation
  • Fire rated up to 2 hours
  • No balancing damper or access hatch required
  • Supplied as a kitset
  • Fuse easily reset
  • Also available as plasterboard wall version
  • Can be fitted as a Smoke Damper
  • Stainless steel version also available

The concrete/masonry version is available for installation in Concrete, Concrete Block, 'Hebel Powerpanel System' or other solid wall or floor fire separations. It is supplied with one fixed flange only that allows it to be centred and fixed to one side of the wall or ceiling prior to final grouting.

Fire dampers are rated up to 2 hours. Fuse release is external therefore damper is easily activated and reset during building maintenance checks.

An inspection hatch is not required to either check damper operation or check the fuse. If the fuse is activated by heat then it can be reset up to 4 times without replacement.

These fire dampers can also be fitted with a Belimo BLF-T Spring-return actuator, combined with thermo-electric tripping device. This will turn the damper into a Smoke Damper.

Download the brochure on Ravenscroft Fire Damper for Concrete Walls or Floors 

Release alternatives

Alternative and additional means of release available on application. All release alternatives also include a heat release function. Belimo spring return motors and heat release sensors also available.


The Ravenscroft fire damper for concrete/masonry has been tested grouted into concrete walls to theappropriate UK or European standards. The Australian & NZ Building Codes require fire dampers to comply with AS1682-1990 Parts 1 & 2 and AS1530.4-1990 as the Acceptable solution. The Ravenscroft fire damper for concrete/masonry complies with the Australian & NZ Building Codes as an Alternative solution (incorporating AS1682 as a guide-line). Verification as follows: The Ravenscroft fire damper for concrete/masonry, BSD-C, is capable of satisfying AS1530.4-1990 for at least 120 minutes under BRANZ Opinions 97/1026 and 97/1291 when grouted into a concrete wall or floor or Hebel powerpanel system.


Model size
D Hole B C F
125 124 135 95 245 180
150 149 160 95 245 210
200 199 210 95 245 250
250 249 260 95 245 300
300 299 310 155 245 370
400 399 410 155 245 480


The Ravenscroft fire damper for concrete/masonry is a fire rated damper that, when installed as per the manufacturers instructions, will maintain the integrity of concrete firewalls or floors for up to 2 hours.

The Ravenscroft fire damper for concrete/masonry is a combined balancing and fire damper. It can function as a manual reset smoke damper if one of the release alternatives are selected.

Flexible ductwork connectors must be used to separate rigid ducting from the damper. These prevent excess force being transferred to the wall or ceiling mounting in the advent of ductwork deformation or collapse during a fire or earthquake.

Because the thermal fuse is reusable, the damper can easily be tested and preset with the indicator handle from outside the duct. Duct access panels are not required.

The fire dampers are delivered with full installation instructions.

fire damper installation ravenscroft bsd-c

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