Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Reference: Main Library at University of Manchester

Halton passive chilled beams and low velocity displacement diffusers were used in University of Manchester's new Main Library to create an energy efficient and pleasant studying and working atmosphere.

Halton Multiservice Passive Beams, complete with built-in lighting that have Prismatic lens diffusers, is used in the interior of the building. Additionally, also non-beam lightning was used to create the required 350Lux light level.

Primary air is introduced via black painted Halton AFE type face plate Low Velocity Displacement Diffusers (nominal size 500 x 600, each supplying approximately 60l/s) around the perimeter.

There are radiator panels installed between the LVDV diffusers, which are behind the decorative facade in front of the LVDV units for the colder months. The radiators are designed to protect the fabric of the building and for start up for the areas that are not operating 24hrs.

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