Saturday, November 18, 2017

Introducing the Halton CSW Comfort Unit (Square Beam)

chilled beams halton ravenscoft cswSwirl comfort units are compact air conditioning units, which provide swirl jet air supply. Ideal solution for applications, where high-quality environmental conditions and individual room control are appreciated.

With a radial 360ยบ swirl air diffusion, the swirl effect mixes supply air and room air extremely efficiently, and the air jet warms up to room temperature as quick as possible. Swirl comfort units are installed within a suspended ceiling.

Modular construction for different size of ceilings 600 x 600, 625 x 625 & 675 x 675 mm.

A complimentary product to use when designing a traditional ventilation beam design, where there may be smaller offices or spaces that also require ventilation and cooling.

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