Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Low Velocity Displacement Ventilation

Halton low velocity unit range covers exposed units and units to be integrated to a wall/column structure. Units can be also covered with a decoration plane. The product range provides excellent indoor climate conditions in terms of air quality, thermal and acoustic conditions especially in high spaces and spaces with high contaminant loads.

As a licenced Halton local manufacturer Ravenscroft is proud to make all Halton low velocity units locally in New Zealand to the same high Halton standards.

displacement diffuser halton ravenscroftPublic Spaces

Application requirements

Architectural considerations place high demands on building service in lobbies, atriums and lounges. The need for demand-based operation is high, as the usage is short-term and the occupancy level varies from crowded to practically empty.

Optimal solution

Halton's displacement ventilation solution for high spaces with variable air flow rates provides the opportunity to manage conditions in spaces with intermittent heat and contaminant loads. Comfortable conditions are achieved efficiently with demand-based control. Low-velocity units' appearance adapts easily to interior architecture.

Halton mixing ventilation with demand-based control can also be applied in ventilation of public spaces to create a good indoor climate with controlled life cycle costs.

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