Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Experience Halton's Multiservice Beam!

Halton Multiservice Chilled Beams enable more adaptability and more creativity. The concept proposes an all-in-one solution for all ceiling-mounted technical services. Furthermore, the product's design can be tailored to suit the interior architecture. Assembly and integration of the additional services at the factory increases installation speed and quality whilst reducing site project times and costs.

Experience all of these benefits, as well as browse references, in Halton's clever multimedia presentation below. Click on the image below to start the presentation.


Halton Multiservice Beams

multiservice-chilled-beams_halton_ravenscroft_01CBQ active chilled beams represent the latest generation of Halton multiservice beam. With a long-standing and continuing development program Halton have arrived at an optimised product that meets the client, contractor and users expectations of design, performance and comfort.

Complete with factory-fitted and tested lighting, CBQ are supplied to site as a single-fix device, providing your comfort cooling, heating and lighting needs. Options of finish and equipment allow the CBQ to be tailored to meet the aesthetic and engineering requirements of site.

CBQ ideally suited to those buildings with reduced floor-to-ceiling heights as they allow the full height of the space to be realized between beams (no suspended ceilings). This reduced height requirement can also liberate additional floors on multi-storey new construction buildings.

For longer multiple beam module installation "runs", chilled beams are supplied as a co-ordinated "plug and play" system with primary air plenums being connected together, avoiding the need to run separate ducts to second, third or possibly fourth beams. Luminaires are daisy chained so that only one power/control cable is required for a multiple beam module "run".

The installation space for chilled and LTHW thro-pipes removes the need to install separate feed pipework externally to those secondary+ beam modules.

Halton multiservice chilled beam provides concept with many benefits.

  • Reduced installation lead time at site (ready to install units)
  • Improved site logistics due to reduced number of items to be stored at site
  • One source responsibility lowers the risk
  • Excellent quality of installation due to off-site manufacturing
  • Creates greater effective room volumes spaces by allowing higher spaces without suspended ceilings.

A recent innovation available in both our recessed and exposed active multiservice chilled beam is motorized Halton Air Quality (HAQ) control. In essence, this provides a VAV capability to the beam helping deliver significant cost savings to the operation of the system when occupancy levels fall or their distribution throughout the building changes.

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