Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Halton Adaptable Climate

Adaptableactive-chilled-beams_halton_ravenscroft_02 active chilled beams designed according to the Halton Adaptable Climate concept allow easy and cost efficient layout changes without interruption to the space usage. The system allows easy changes from an office into a meeting room and from an open plan office into office rooms. While ensuring good working conditions and reducing churn costs to a fraction compared to the traditional systems.

Adaptable active chilled beams allow users to determine the position of meeting and office rooms in a constant pressure ductwork without limitations. With a broad operation range, the air velocity, cooling and outdoor airflow rate provided by the chilled beams are simply adjusted to meet the requirements of the new layout.

Effective churn management increases functionality and real estate value. While a change has previously been costly and slow to implement, it can now be a source of competitive advantage.

Halton Adaptable Climate enables fast layout changes while preserving excellent indoor climate conditions. New layout can be created easily when the tenant needs to make changes. What ever the layout plan or change, flexibility of the Adaptable Climate system causes minimal interruption to the work in the office. Ventilation and air conditioning need not be interrupted at all. Build new walls, tear down old ones. Place more people there, less over here. Yet, do not renovate the air conditioning, simply adjust it to meet the new needs.

Buildings that adapt quickly to varying needs and offer excellent indoor climate conditions improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the Halton AdaptableClimate concept, the time needed for adjusting the layout is considerably shorter than with traditional systems. This improves the utilization rate of the building. Faster layout changes make shorter lease contracts more profitable, and the possibility to change the layout at will without a long, costly project makes the premises more attractive to tenants.

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