Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Advantages of Halton Kitchen Hoods

kitchen ventialtion halton ravenscroft le58Halton kitchen hoods have numerous advantages compared to the standard kitchen ventilation units.

Better kitchen environment

Halton's Capture Jet technology removes cooking vapours much more effectively than standard kitchen hoods. This means a better air quality and a more comfortable environment for the chefs, as well confidence that the maximum amount of carcinogenic cooking fumes have been removed the kitchen.

Halton kitchen hoods are very quiet when compared to standard hoods and especially well suited for teaching and show kitchens. With their lower air volumes Halton hoods also provide and pleasant environment for the kitchen staff to work in.

Cost savings

They require lower airflow volumes, only 50-66% compared to ordinary kitchen hoods. As a result Halton kitchen hoods require smaller fans and ducting, which provides savings in the building costs. Also, the running costs of Halton hoods are lower due to lower fan power requirements and air conditioning needs.

UV hoods and grease capture

Halton hoods capture grease very effectively, but also very easy to clean. The UV kitchen hoods make kitchen exhaust virtually odourless and make discharging to a low level possible.

What makes Capture Jet different?

Halton's patented Capture Jet canopies, which prevent spreading of the heat and impurities produced by cooking into the work area with a small air jet that pushes the rising thermal current to the Halton KSA grease filters. See below how the  Halton Capture Jet hood compares to the standard kitchen ventilation unit (left).


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