Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Reference: The Supreme Court

Ravenscroft supplied a number diffusers to the Supreme Court in Wellington. Of particular interest are the variety of diffusers concealed within and behind a number of the architectural features throughout the building.

The large floor to ceiling heights within the historic courtrooms are particularly well suited for conditioning by displacement ventilation. Halton diffusers are used behind architectural elements in the new entrance foyer to deliver controlled, low velocity air to the public reception areas.

The standard floor diffusers from Halton have been provided in brass to match the colour and finishing within the refurbished old high court building.

Behind the perforated copper diamonds are two Halton AFA diffusers.

displacement diffuser halton ravenscroft afa


The Team

Architects: Warren and Mahoney
Mechanical Consultants: Norman Disney & Young
Main Contractor: Mainzeal
Mechanical Contractor: McAlpine Hussmann
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