Saturday, November 18, 2017

Reference: Sovereign House, Auckland, NZ

Sustainability was a key driver in the design of Sovereign House Smales Farm, which was done by Sydney base architecture film Bligh Voller Nield in conjunction with Jasmax Architecture, Auckland. The building, which was constructed by Mainzeal, incorporates extensive sunscreens, and features chilled beam technology rather than traditional air conditioning.

The Sovereign House features Halton's multiservice chilled beam technology, and was the first large scale building to have this type of technology in New Zealand. Multiservice chilled beams (MSCB) offer a all-in-one solution for all ceiling-mounted services and include air conditioning, lighting, electrical and data communications cabling and speakers. Halton multiservice chilled beams provided an energy efficient, pleasant working environment with cost effective installation.

chilled beams halton ravenscroft sovereing house



chilled beams halton ravenscroft sovereing



chilled beams halton ravenscroft sovereing building


The Team

Archictects: BVN / Jasmax
Mechanical Consultant: Lincolne Scott
Main Contractor: Mainzeal
Mechanical Contractor: Airpro Mechanical
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